Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Digital Design Weekend

September saw the return of a small Met Office team of volunteers to the V&A for Digital Design Weekend. This is a wonderful event that is growing each year, not just in size, but in confidence. This year there were new many collaborators, including clever folk from Uniform, who expertly, and very quickly, crafted a book to capture the maker spirit of the event.  You can read about the book on the Uniform blog.
What I find most rewarding about Digital Design Weekend, through the very informal meetings and Skype chats where Irini (V&A curator) helps us develop a vision and thinking about what we might do, is that it remains so open ended.  Yes the event happens, but of course each thing that happens causes other things to happen.  Which is why, in early April, I'm writing about something that happened in September; because in truth it really happened for me in September 2013, and will happen again this September.  So far, for me, Digital Design Weekend is very different each time, and each time new, amazing, things happen as a consequence.
Ian and Jasmine of BBC R&D wrote a blog post about Open Collaborative Making at the V&A.

It was also a pleasure to be joined by Genevieve Smith-Nunes and dancers who rehearsed and performed the digital ballet [arra]stre in a room shared with hackers and museum visitors.  There's an interesting blog about the data and visualisations by Peter Cook -  [arra]stre Data Animations.

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