Saturday, April 25, 2009

Designed for repair

Last weekend I collected a van load of very old electronic junk from a very nice chap in Cornwall.  He had a barn full of stuff he was clearing out so for a few quid I got some quite interesting stuff.  All of it was in a pretty poor state, rust, woodworm, that sort of thing.  It's hard to store things in the West Country climate.

Included were a couple of old Marconi signal generators -
  •  one a BFO audio generator - a pair of RF oscillators on slighlty different frequencies mixed to give an audio signal,
  • the other an "ultra short wave" signal generator - 10Mc/s to 150Mc/s.
The Ultra Short Wave Signal Generator had a small wooden storage unit fitted to the back of the case.  Originally it had a spare lamp, fuses and set of valves.  Though some were missing - pressumably used during its working life a couple of valves and fuses remained.

From gadgets
This is such a nice idea I plan to copy it as I add the finishing touches to my Quality Amplifier.