Saturday, November 12, 2011

Small moves - WMO Publication No. 9, Volume A

Thinking ahead to RHoK in Oxford and reflecting on (h)activate in the summer - one of the things that pretty much everyone participating in a hackday needs is an API (or many) that does something useful.

So - what weather APIs already exist?

For current weather and short range forecasts there are several to choose from -

Yahoo also has one for forecasts

These are nice, but I couldn't make worthwhile use of them in my work, so maybe there's a niche still remaining for climate and historical weather records. An API for all of that would be a big project. So, small moves...

How about a map of all WMO recognised observing stations from WMO Publication No. 9, Volume A?

Here you go -

Next small move? Getting CLIMAT reports from CRUTEM3 into a table.

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