Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stereo quality amplifier

Late last year I started building a Wireless World Quality Amplifier.  The original design for this amplifier (mono) was published in 1934 and it became the reference British hi-fi amplifier - holding this position until the Williamson replaced it in 1947.

As my intention was always to create a useful working piece of equipment I was going to need a preamplifier suitable for use with modern sources - OK maybe LPs aren't considered modern any longer.

The solution was to build a stereo pre-amplifier to the 1950s Mullard design, but subsituting 1930s style octal valves for the 1950s 9 pin EF86s.  Plus I needed to add a phase splitter.   Six of the the excellent EF37A  made a quality pre-amp.  Now I just need to complete the cabinet.

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