Thursday, September 18, 2008

Return to 21st century

It's been a while since I've posted anything about technology from the present century, so here goes -

On Tuesday I attended the London Google Developer Day, I have the T shirt to prove it!

As with last year I don't intend to blog about it in any detail, since there were other bloggers there who are far better at such things than me.  See UK Developer Blog: A blog is born (the official blog) for links to those blogs. 

For me it didn't have the buzz of last year, but I don't expect that's likely to be beaten any time soon.  Though for my colleague Angela it was pretty special as she was one of the non Googlers invited to speak.

So what did I learn.  Well that there's a lot of interest in Google's AppEngine, but some folks aren't such fans of Python - why on earth not?  And some folks worry about SLAs but don't have their own on site power generation (OK, maybe that's a Devon thing).  I learnt that GWT is very, very cool and I probably should have been using it for months if not years - so I'll try and fix that soon.  And that I need to watch all the presentations on You Tube ASAP, because it's not enough to just learn more about the things that seem interesting now.


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