Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Google Earth in your pocket

Though I expect many of my colleagues will just shrug and wonder whether I can get any more geeky, it seems that a couple of my geek interests have, probably temporarily, crossed paths.

Over on Ogle Earth there's some speculation as to whether Nokia buying Trolltech might bring Google Earth to Nokia phones, whilst on Internet Tablet Talk the speculation is about the impacts on Maemo.

Well as an Internet Tablet carrying "alpha geek" maybe I can add further confusion, or not, by posting pictures of Google Earth "running" on a Nokia N810.

In truth it isn't actually running on the tablet, the tablet is using the laptop to run Google Earth and using VNC to display the graphics and get the stylus and keyboard input. The end result is much the same though - so long as you've got a wifi connection to a suitable "host". Though not ideal for Google Earth, I've used this method to run applications "in the cloud" using Amazon EC2.

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Gulfstreme said...

Would this be usable over evdo?