Monday, June 18, 2007

Development 2.0

A little while ago Wepoco got a mention in an article in FreePint

I keep meaning to write something about that article since it does seem that something quite significant is starting to happen and Wepoco seems to have drifted into its orbit. Trouble is I'm not really sure what to write. So instead, in true Web 2.0 style I'll just rely on links, tags and the opportunity to edit this post later.

Here's something else on Development 2.0

And here's the Web2fordev blog I only discovered today

Reading this makes me think I should plan to be in Rome in late September.

Oh, and as a reminder to myself here are some scattered thoughts for a possible article.
  • Low cost IT - what happens when the computer costs less than the electricity it uses? (expect this to happen within 10 years!)
  • The bottom of the pyramid as a service provider (monitoring the state of our planet).
  • Why do we always have to wait (yet another) generation? (the curse of formal education).

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